• New CVlizer Release 4.1.28


    Do you want to know what is driving us at JoinVision? To keep getting better. This holds especially true for our CV parser CVlizer. Lately we have noticed that CVs are becoming more and more creative. The times of simple structures with information listed from top to bottom, interrupted only by a few headlines and a picture on the top right, are more and more replaced by CVs that rely on a 2-column structure with lots of blocks.
    A quick search via Google tells you how creative candidates have become in the meantime: Image search two-column CVs


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  • Where is the love?

    where is the love

    Even I as a representative of the "digitalised" folk sometimes have to painfully experience in everyday life, that there are limits to this scalable technology. At least from my point of view.
    I dedicate this blog post to my colleague and inspirer Carsten K. Rath, from whom I have learned a lot when it comes to love for the customer.

    Today there is an app for everything and every product can be bought with just one click. But I'm sure you've also experienced how valuable good customer support is, when this click doesn't lead to the desired results.

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  • Wordrap with Szabolcs Horváth

    Szabolcs Horvàth

    Szabolcs Horváth is our latest addition and we are super happy with him! The humorous Java developer enriches our team in many ways. Today he bravely faced the JoinVision Wordrap and the result is a lovely interview. Have fun getting to know Szabolcs!

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  • We are celebrating 2 years of Joint Forces with Joveo


    Jo-Jo is the abbreviation of an already two year long relationship between us, JoinVision and Joveo, the US-based company, that is marking the dawn of a new era in recruiting with their Programmatic Job Advertising Platform. Their technology combined with our standing in the DACH region have been the perfect match since 2019.


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  • When the unthinkable becomes thinkable


    What was pure utopia for us before, has been reality for over a year now: working from home! A lot has happened in the last year and we all had to learn to come to terms with it. But what was the biggest challenge for our colleagues, what have they learned in quarantine and how much do they miss our office - we asked them!

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